Thursday, July 07, 2005

Due to much thought and contemplation this is the last post to Young Hope's World. I first want to say that I am saddened for my reasoning of no longer posting here as I have had several unjust and unwanted comments by my biological family as they have no education of this disease nor do they support me in my struggle with the disease. I am thankful for the many people and families out there that have read and learned from this journal in hopes of dealing with their own personal trials with Alzheimer's Disease. For those of you that are just beginning this journey, please know that it does not end here. There is life after Alzheimer's and most importantly know that your loved one needs you now more than ever! For those that have been following my journey, please know that you can continue to do so through Dementia Rescue. All roads have an end and as my journey grows shorter there is a new one beginning.
Love and God Bless!