Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. Stayed home and visited with extended family. My SIL and family was here from Illinois. Got to visit with them and play with our great niece and nephew. I think they are 1 year and 3 years old, they are really cute. They thought the world of Austin. Being so far away they don't get to visit often. Dementia Rescue has grown to 190 members now. It is a very warm, educational and comforting group as I was hoping that it would be. I am haveing alot more difficulty with short term memory, it is progressing rapidly and the fatigue continues to grow as well. I look forward to hearing from those that I met in Washington at the Public Policy and to those that read my journal as I know I am able to reach out beyond the stars and help many more families with this disease than I had ever imagined! Allen and I have been working hard at finding Corporate Sponsors and Donors for the 2005 Memory Walk. I am surprised at how many people out there are so uneducated about this disease. I had no idea how all of this stuff would take a toll on my mind as well. I struggle so hard to think and the fog and fatigue take over and I want to give up as I wonder if it is all really worth it. But, i keep going as I know that if it was a loved one with this, I would do the same thing for them. Austin is having a good time in summer school. They get to go bowling and swimming, he really enjoys that. I still hear from several of my friends at the hospital. It is nice to know they have not forgotten you and they do find time in their busy schedules to say, "Hey!" Until next time....................
Take care & God Bless! Tracy


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