Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today has been a foggy day for me. I have been trying to get stuff ready for a yardsale in which all of the proceeds will benefit our local Alzheimer Chapter. We were asked by our Director to serve on the Memory Walk Committee, so that is where our focus is now. Yesterday we went to our Support group Meeting. There were several new people there offering to be apart of our group as leaders. There will never be another Judee though! We talked about different ideas for the booth for the upcoming fair and signed up to volunteer for that. Seems like there are different people all of the time and most of the time is taken up by introductions. Friday was my first day to volunteer at the hospital. I was teamed up with another person that has Alzheimer's, his name is Norm and then I had lunch with Judee. Allen's sister Kathy is here visiting from Malaysia, I didn't remember her. It was about 5 years ago that she was here to visit. She seems really nice and laughs alot. I was pretty tired today, so I laid down to take a hour nap and it turned into 2 hours. Guess this is all for now.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy


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