Thursday, June 23, 2005

The last couple of days have been really busy and much of a fog for me as dealing with my husbands back surgery and the harrassment of my sister and Mom is almost unreal. I know they read my journal and have used a false name to gain entry into my Support Group online and bash me. It is so sad they have nothing better to do with their time and are actually suffering from their own embarrassment. Thatis all that I nned to say as I will not allow myself to fall to their level. Allen is recovering well from surgery yesterday and will be home in a day or so. The Chapter sent him a beautiful flower arrangement and we have a goody bag for him as weel today as he should get to eat alittle bit. It is really hard to write as I know no matter what I say there are lurkers here just looking for something to do to cause trouble. I do know that if I had a loved one with AD, I would doing everything in my power to educate myself about the disease as well as be there to support the person rather than tear them apart. As i have much to do and focus my energies on I must go for now.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy


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