Monday, June 13, 2005

I guess I have some catching up to do as it has been awhile. We have been busy advocating for the Alzheimer Association and have hopefully gained a couple of Community Sponsors. All of the money for the Memory Walk stays and benefits our own community, so that is great. My neurologist appt. got bumped up to Sept. There is'nt much he can do as I am on the maximum dose of both the Namenda and Exelon. I am becoming more tired and forgetful and doing my best to hold onto the good and positives things for as long as I can as well as staying active. Some people think that if you are able to share your story with others, there is definitely NO WAT you could have Alzheimer's Disease. How I wish those people could step into our lives for just a brief moment and realize the pain they cause by turning their backs on even their own families with this disease. The Early Onset Summit in Tulsa was this week, we didn't get to go but Heather gave me a report. That is another story for my family to gawk at as she is only 29 and has Early Onset Alzheimer's, her's proven through PET scan. She said the Summitt went well and she met Rob from our Chapter there. We had a yardsale this weekend with ALL proceeds to benefit the Alzheimer Chapter. I am exhausted from that, it was only 4 hours, but my mind is very tired. The For-get-me-nots from the Chapter are selling like hotcakes! If I am able to do this again next year that is the way to go. Austin is enjoying summer school as the activities they do are alot of fun and boy scout camp should be coming up soon.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy