Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I am still recovering from our trip, it really wore me out. I finally got everything unpacked and am trying to get things back in some kind of order. The Public Policy Forum was really awesome. There is so much to say, that I will just try and summarize as I think of things over the next couple of days. We met a woman from Sedalia named Linda Fisher. It took me 3 days to realize that she was from Missouri. I just thought she was hanging around us because she really liked us! I finally told her that the day that we went to the Capitol. Her husband was diagnosed at 49 with EOAD and possible Picks Disease. He became quite a handful and spent the last 5 years in Residential Care. He just passed away a few weeks ago at 59 years old. Linda was quite an inspiration at the Capitol as she told her story as well. I think that most of what we asked for and spoke about will definitely be looked at with great respect and hopefully the funding that was asked for, for Research will be granted. I think people such as Chris, Bob, Linda and myself really made an impact. Ears and hearts were opened and education was definitely accepted on our behalf of sharing our stories. The Children's book isin the works. Dave my publisher just about has it wrapped up and it should be available in about 6 weeks. My family think I am doing this for the money. If they had any idea how much of this has actually been donated. These books both have a purpose, I think that is why it all has come together so well. It isn't the money, it is the purpose of our story and education of the disease behind it all. Well, I am getting pretty tired and have much to do. For thos of you that read my online journal and want to be apart of Dementia Rescue here is the address:

Take care & God Bless! Tracy


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