Monday, May 23, 2005

Austin passed, he is now in the 5th grade..................YEAH!!!! He is excited about next year as he gets his own locker, how cool! Saturday, we took him to Star Wars 111. He really enjoyed that! Rebecca, the Chapter Director, e-mailed and said that The Chapter is coordinating with County Library and going to introduce I Remember When in September, that is so cool! I think this book will touch many families with children as that is the focus. Dave (my publisher) e-mailed me the cover and it so awesome! It should be available to the market in about 4 weeks or so. My SIL and family is coming down Wednesday for a couple of days and then my other SIL from Malaysia is coming for a couple of days. It will be nice to see them both, although I am not sure I remember Kathy as it has been about 5 years since I met her. I remember she is very laid back and laughs alot. Today has been very tiring for me as Allen had an MRI of his back and I had to drive. Driving is very stressful and exhausting on the mind. Funny, I never thought that when I was only 16 and begging to get my driver's license. My head has been numb feeling this afternoon, that happens alot when I am under alot of stress. To Linda Fisher and Jan from Italy, first I would like to say thanks for sending me a comment on my journal. I am not able to respond in e-mail as I don't have your address, so you can e-mail me personally at: and i would like to invite you both to join my online support group Dementia Rescue:
So strange, my biological family is so in denial of this disease hitting such young ages. They don't understand the process of the early stages of the disease and that it is more aggressive the earlier that a person is diagnosed. I wish I could package every person that I have met or their families of those that have already passed from the disease to them so they could see the reality of this disease. They don't live with me nor see how this disease has taken me from the once bright, intelligient and inquisitive person that I once was to this other person that has taken away my true personality, my warmth, intelligience and sometimes cold person that even I don't recognize. I have learned to deal with the loss of them and live with the inspiration, comfort and education that I am able to convey to others through all of this. As I believe there is a reason and purpose for all things that happen to us in life, I believe this is my mission.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy


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