Friday, April 22, 2005

Well, I think I have some catching up to do here as it has been alittle longer than usual. I have been fighting with poison ivy all week. I hope I get in dried up before we get to Washington. I can just see me setting there looking like an alien! Oh, my gosh! We were busy today getting last minute things that we need for the trip, lots of batteries and tapes and stuff. Another great honor this week. I was contacted by another Freelance writer to be published in Family Circle or Ladies Home Journal. Either one of them is very respectable. I will write when I know more about that. Allen and I had a discussion tonight about how it is so hard for him to understand how this disease can appear and take me so quickly. I call it the "blinking light syndrome", sometimes I'm there and sometimes I'm not. There is no easy answer to dealing with this disease. It just plain sucks no matter what side you are on. Tomorrow is out Chapter Support Group, I always look forward to going to these and realizing that I am lucky to be doing better than some others at this point. The group is a special bond of freindships on its own.
Take care and God Bless! Tracy


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