Sunday, April 17, 2005

We really had a great weekend! Saturday was Marshfield's city wide yard sale, so we went to that and found a few bargains. Allen found a go-cart, the guy was asking $100.00 and let it go for $50.00, it needs a little work. It is a Dad and Son project. I found a few things like lawn edging that I need for my rock garden. Then we stopped at the park and had a picnic and I played with Austin and pushed him on the swings. Then we came home and had a good evening, just family time. We need more of that. Today, I was pretty busy trying to level up my rock garden. Not an easy think to do................I tire so easy. I finally got to a point where Allen could finish with the tractor and I planted some flowers. Then Austin and I, played scrabble and spent the afternoon watching cartoons.
I am pretty tired so I guess this is all for now.
Take care and Love Always, Tracy


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