Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We had a good day Sunday it was beautiful out! Austin and I went fishing up at the pond. He caught a nice bass right off that bat. I caught a couple of perch and saw the first snake for the year. ugh! I hate snakes! I kept hearing this rustling in the leaves behind me and I looked to my left and there crawled a big black colored snake with a white colored belly about 2 foot long. I could see his tongue, that was WAY to close. As soon as he changed direction, I moved away to the other side of the pond. After that, we went home and played croquet and watched the movie, Fat Albert. It was a good day. I have caught the same crud that Allen has, but I am still kicking. I am going through another crisis..........I want to quit my meds. I am so tired of what this disease does that you have no control over. All the meds do is prolong the disease, why do that? I thought that I used to understand all of that, but now the more that I think about it, it makes no sense. I am tired of not being the same person that I once was. This dark, invisible stranger has taken so much from us, including me. I will fight for as long as I can, I just don't want the meds anymore.
Take care and Love Always, Tracy


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