Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Second entry for today. The last couple of days have been rough as it is all apart of this hellish disease, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. When Allen found out I wanted to quit my meds he was very upset and called a good friend Judee. She was our OutReach Coordinator at the Chapter and in my mind still is. Anyway, she talked with me and thank God she understands the disease process, she was able to explain the rationale difficulty to Allen as it is a part of the disease that is affecting that part of the brain where your thoughts and emotions come together. We sat and had lunch with her and talked, I am glad that she was and is there for us. She is heaven sent I am sure. After we left there we went to walmart and I got a couple of bracelets......that brought a smile to my face. Then we came home and Allen helped me fix supper, we had fried catfish, salad and corn on the cob, Austin's favorite. Tomorrow will be better, that is what I have to hang on to.
Take care and Love Always! Tracy


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