Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The last couple of days have been really busy. Allen is sick with a sinus infection, he went to the doctor yesterday and got antibiotics. I got our cups mixed up in the car and drank after him so now I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get it. I interviewed at the hospital for volunteering and Stephanie the Manager was really nice and experienced as her Mom has Alzheimer's as well. The interview went great and I may be working in Judee's office, that would be really great! I got an e-mail from Jacqueline Marcell the Author of Elder Rage and I responded and spoke with her on the phone. I will be a guest on her show Coping With Caregiving on wsRadio:
If you get a chance tune in, it will be aired on Saturday evening April 9th at 5pm Central time. I contacted my Chapter and they sent it out to all of their other Associations they are with. Oklahoma was notified also and will pass it on throughout their district. If you miss it, it will appear in the archives. Today, I had Orientation at the hospital for volunteering, it was so strange but yet very comfortable. They just had on the news at: that there is a new drug in trial phase for stopping Alzheimer's in its tracks. It is called Xaliproden..............maybe there still is time!
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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