Friday, March 18, 2005

Well the week seems to be settling in alittle better than it started. Yesterday was a busy day as well as anymore normal confusion for me. The guinea psigs weren't looking well and Allen told me to call the vet and make an appointment, so I did and I then took them in. The vet scraped their skin to check for ringworm and parasites and it all came back clean. I told him about me changing their diet.........not a good thing! Thet were vitamin and mineral deficient so he told me how to correct this with adding oil to their food and cit. C to their water. Then they each got to injections in their tiny little thighs. Needless to say, for awhile they were not happy campers! I made it up to them today with some fresh grapes, apples and peaches. They were slurping away on them a minute ago. Then I cleaned up and redid a flower garden. I planted sweet peas...........they are very pretty and smell so good when they bloom. Then I baked some chicken for supper. All of this and I thought it was a great day............NOT! I was not suppose to take the pigs to the vet.............didn't have a co-pilot and I was not suppose to bake chicken............didn't realize that it counted as fire on the stove. So, yes I accomplished alot, but I had trouble getting back home.........took a scenic route and I burned the chicken. However, if you like chicken jerky then it isn'y bad! I called and spoke to a very good friend of mine named Judee. We talked about the changes and progression. Thank God she understands me AND this disease. She gave me some insight which I tried to share with Allen, but had forgotten most of by the time he got home. So, after all of this our dry erase board now has a couple more of reminders on it. Allen and I, had our evening cry ritual and talked about continuing advocating for as long as I can. He assured me that after I was gone, he would continue where I left off. I told him that he didn't have to do this for me, but to go on and start fresh so to speak. But he said that , that is how he would carry on is fighting for the disease that stole his wife from him. Today, I am going to plant another flower garden and before long this place will be beautiful!
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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