Friday, March 25, 2005

Today is another cold, dreary and rainy day. Mom and I took Austin to Walmart in Buffalo, he wanted to get Allen something for Easter. He got him a big Easteregg with 4 hotwheels cars in it. It may be a collector someday, who knows! We got some stuff to color eggs, so that will be our project tomorrow. He is excited about Easter. I got him stuff and made a basket up with Easter candy, Uno game, a kite, bubbles, a mindteaser puzzle and a bop bag. Then on Easter we are going to have a Easter hunt for him. He will have a good time! Allen was on his way out the door this morning and our cat Tommy got out. We haven't seen him since, hopefully he will get hungry and show back up. I have enough to keep up with the animals that we got. Sinnamon and the guinea pigs keep me pretty busy. Austin has enjoyed his spring break, he is learning to use the camcorder and make videos...................he is SOOOOOOO funny! He made a tape of what he calls the "Funny Farm" while we still sleeping early one morning, he got Allen snoring. Allen came home in a sour mood but after watching that tape he just about rolled in the floor laughing. I need to go do some housework.
Take care and God Bless!

Love ALways, Tracy


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