Monday, March 21, 2005

I have a couple of days to catch up here. We had a beautiful weekend! I have been busy getting my flower gardens in. Last night and today we finished up Austin's pine wood derby car. It looks sharp! I just know he has a winner! The race is next Monday night. Today we raked some leaves up to get some more flower beds ready. I got an e-mail from a friend in my support group that one of the members was not recovering well from a hospital stay and will be going to a nursing home in a couple of days. My prayers are with him and his family. As my comprehension and perception fails me so does my ability to communicate and understand conversations as I once did. Judee said, "she would be here for the rest of my life." She understands the disease process and is able to understand and distinquish what is the person and what is the disease. It has been dreary most of the day and it is suppose to rain tomorrow too. Austin is on spring break this week so we will see what else we can get into over the next couple of days. I do enjoy having him home from school, he keeps me on my toes. Until next time, take care and God bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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