Saturday, February 26, 2005

This week has been a LONG week! Been very busy or at least it seems. Allen is still checking out the job market, who went to look at another restaurant possibility this morning. Doesn't look they are going to get any kind of a severance package, in fact the union steward said the longer the doors hold open is probably their bonus. Never had understood unions and this one has done very little if anything for this group of workers here. But life goes on! I had a confusing doctors appointment this week, it was me that was confused and not the doctor. He was asking about my last women's exam and I explained it had been about 3 years and it was a bad experience as the doctor hummed amazing grace during my pap smear, very unprofessional. So, I really saw no need for another one. If there is anything there, i really don't care to know about it, somehow over the course of the conversation, I thought I agreed to a Mammogram which I have never had either and next thing I know he is calling his nurse in and my legs are being propped for a pap smear. It went much better this time minus the hymm. Then I knocked myself off of my own message board and had to pre-approve myself to be a member again! Not a good week. All kidding aside though, I feel like I have hit another plateau comprehension of conversations are really getting hard and my perception has gone out in the fields with the turkeys. It's a wolf, it's a giant it's a deer with its tail tucked. My gosh, no wonder I'm so tired. On another note, we were asked to go to Jefferson City and speak before the House of Representatives for Memory Day. So, the chapter is going to pay our way to go up the night before and I am secheduled to speak at 9:00. I have a feeling if I don't get straigthened up here before long, they may get a speech about all kinds of things including the wildlife around here! Well, I need to get ready and go, we have a support group meeting this morning. Cherrio! as they say.............whatever that means.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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