Saturday, February 19, 2005

It has been a very busy week! Allen had a job interview earlier this week for a supervisory position, it sounded proming, but won't know anything until next week. We went by and talked to the Business Manager at the Union Hall and they are trying to get the company to hold out as long as they can, looks like summer will be the end of it though. Everyone expects it to reopen at the end of the year as another factory. The whole purpose of all of this was to break the union. We are still tossing around the restaurant/bar thing around out East. I know I sure would like to leave here. But it up to the Good Lord now. Where he leads, we will follow. Allen is also being sent to have his back evaluated for possible disability. We just have alot on our plate right now and don't know which direction it will go. We went and had lunch with Judee, she is a good friend of our's that used to be apart of the Chapter. It is always good to see her. We went back and checked out the restaurant and found that it may have asbestos on the floor, so that may end that journey. The cost to clean it up would be so great!! Today, we go and meet with Linda Philipian and get the rough draft of I Remember When! I am so excited. I will need to make some adjustments. It is rainy out today so it will probably be a very dreary day. We are going to stop and get some movies and later Allen is going to help Austin with his pine wood derby car for scouts. Austin and I, go see our friend Linda in California in 29 days, not that anyone is counting, but we are looking forward to that. This will be Austin's first time to fly. Well, I need to go get some stuff done.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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