Sunday, February 06, 2005

I guess I have a couple of days to catch up here again. Seems like the days go by so fast I can't keep up. I talked to Linda in California yesterday, we talked about our trip that we are planning to take there in March. Austin is really looking forward to it! I think most of all he is looking forward to seeing the ocean. We took him to the Gulf a couple of years ago. It is very nasty, so much industrial stuff going on there, there really isn't a beach. So, this will be a first for him as well as flying. It is raining out and Allen is working, he works tomorrow and then is off for 4 days. I am so glad that he is on days, I like having him home at night. We worked on his valentines for school today, they have their party on Friday. Donna is going home to Illinois on Wednesday and then coming back next week, that is alot of travel for just a few days. I think she is thinking about moving down here and starting a bar/restaurant kind of thing. I know Allen should would like for her to. They are wanting to do something like that together. I told them they could name it DADS (Donna, Allen, Diane) Place. Kind of a catchy name. I am going to make chili for supper, so I guess I need to go get started.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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