Thursday, January 13, 2005

Today has been a rough day emotionally. It is very cold and dreary out. The low water bridges are still flooded from the California rains that passed through here last night. Mom called me this morning and gave me an update on my FIL. He is in stage 2 colon cancer and of the lymph nodes. He is coughing up blood, so they took his food away from him again and are going to do some more testing to see what all is going on. He is taking it very hard, Mom sure has her hands full. I was demoted as a moderator today from DASNI, that really hurts. I know alot of people would say, don't let it bother you it's no big deal. Well to me it is, because this was like another family to me and now I feel that I have lost them both all because of a simple message board that was formed there for several reasons and none of them out of spite. The reasons don't even really matter now. I will just do my best and hang onto writing my next book. That almost seems funny because I had dedicated 1 whole chapter to DASNI. My heart just isn't in it right now, maybe in time. I have cried and chatted with a friend about it and it still hurts. I hate this disease! It makes people see things so differently and misunderstand things. I guess tomorrow is another day.
Take and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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