Monday, January 17, 2005

The last couple of days have been busy so I have alittle catching up to do here. We've spent the last couple of days running back and forth to see Allen's Dad at the hospital. Saturday night Austin spent the night with his best friend Matthew, so Allen and I took a night for ourselves. We went to James River Grill and had supper and then did alittle shopping and then went home and called it a night. Sunday we slept in.........that felt so good not to have to get up early. Then we went and picked up Austin at his friends house and went back to town to the hospital and visited for awhile. I will be glad when he goes home, I get so tired of all of this running. After I got home, I cleaned out the refrigerator and called it a night. Today, the bus was late. I called the bus barn and the bus had broke down..............45 minutes later here's the bus. Then I had to go home and tidy up before the Reporter from channel 10 showed up. Allen helped me clean things up and then we had lunch and got ready. Finally, it's 2:10 and a knock on the door and we met Joy Robertson, the TV Reporter and her camera man, I think his name was Jerry. She talked with us about 1 1/2 hours, We talked about everything from onset to prognosis and how we are living our lives now. Allen said that I did really good, I know that I got lost a couple of times in conversation but I think that I did okay as well. It will air on our local station Tuesday night at 6pm. We will record it for Austin, future reference and a keepsake. Well, I need to go finish the dishes, so until later.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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