Friday, January 14, 2005

It is so cold here today, I think it finally made it to 22 degrees...............bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrr! The sun was shining today and made it seem very decieving. I called and talked to Jan Phillips last night in Oklahoma. It was so nice to hear the voice of a friend. Her and Wade are getting ready to close down for a week and go to California and visit her kids. We may go back to Oklahoma and visit them this summer, they have such a beautiful campground! I have been working on my 3rd book today. I changed the name to Young Hope A Tribute To Alzheimer's. It will conclude my first book and I am making several tributes in this book such as Alzheimer Jane who was a carer of caregiver's. A lady that I wish I had met, who has now passed away. Also dedicating chapters to The Gathering Place and DASNI and poems that have been written in memory of a loved one or by someone with dementia. Rebecca from the Chapter called me today and told me that she had been contacted by the editor of a newspaper in Arkansas and I was in the paper up there. I guess they followed the link from the other newspaper. She also told me that they are working on setting a story up on our local Chapter website about me and they are going to have a picture of me and Austin on there with the story. How cool! I should be so excited!!! but, I'm not. Just tired I guess. Tomorrow we have our first support group meeting of the year, maybe that will make me feel better.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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