Monday, January 03, 2005

Another busy day! I got Austin's room put back in order from the desk arrival of last night. After I got done, I looked around a moment and realized my little boy is growing up. He is getting big toys now instead of little boy toys. It almost made me cry. I remember picking up all of the little blocks and legos and now he is into gamecube and monster trucks. I miss the little boy toys and of course him being so little. I could pick him up and rock and we would cuddle. I remember, I used to hold him when he was tiny and watch him sleep and feel his breath against my cheek. I miss those times so much! He still likes to be hugged as long as no one is watching! We still have our closeness, but I miss the old times. After his room, I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor and gave 2 ungrateful cats a bath. They weren't very happy, but they do look and smell better. Now it is wind down time and relaxation for the evening.
Take care and God Bless!

Love Always, Tracy


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