Saturday, December 25, 2004

Today has been a very good day! Austin said this was the BEST Christmas ever! He got us up bright and early about 6:20 and we opened presents. He got 5 different bionicles, spiderman web thrower with missles, Children's Bible, DVD/VHS player, 3 DVD's, Eagle necklace, fatwheeled hotwheels, Smores maker and treats to go with it, boyscout knife and 3 winter shirts. Oh and from Santa, he got a gas powered monster truck (that is his favorite, I think) it goes up to 40 mils per hour. Boy, one of those tied to each foot and I could really go to town! From his Aunt Linda from California, he got a $10 gift card to Walmart. Then, his Grandma and Grandpa came over and he got $10 and a $10 gift card to Petsmart (that will help for the pigsupport on the guinea pigs!) Then we had dinner and Barb and Mom, helped me clean up the mess. Allen cooked a really good ham and a turkey breast and I made the fixings to go with it. Allen got a really neat collectable Gerber knife, Marvan The Martian collectable Teapot, Nautica cologne, Memoir of his best friend Brownie that died a few months ago and a knife display case. I got a new Digital Camera (Awesome!), electric blanket throw, 3 deminsional light house picture with a holographic light, perfume and a beautfully special made black and gold cross. From my internet sister Linda in California, she sent a enlarged photo of Me and Allen, which is very special because Allen hates to have his picture taken. It will probably be the only one I ever get. I have 9 members on my new message board, Dementia Rescue. It is looking very good. I think it has been a good day for all........................Merry CHristmas to All and to All a good night!

Love Always, Tracy


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