Monday, December 20, 2004

Today has been a good day for the most part. I went to the doctor to do a med follow up and he said I seem to be doing great. I wish he had seen me 3 weeks ago, he would have thought differently I am sure. But, doctors are kinda like the police, they are never there when you need them. Anyway, he gave me an excellent review on Young Hope. He said, "It was very informative and that it would help alot of people in my situation." This made my day, of course. Then we had to run by the store and pick up a few last minute things before Christmas, I do not want to be out in the mass confusion for the rest of the week. Although, Thursday, I do have to go by the cemetary and put a minuature Christmas tree on my brother's grave. He died 28 years ago, this past November. I think I was only about 12 or so. It doesn't seem that long ago. He was 21 years old and sometimes, I miss him so much! Christmas is the most important time of the year for me to visit his grave for personal reasons. I was counting my Christmas cards today and I have 16 so far this year. Of course I have made alot of my friends through DASNI. In which today, I decided for personal reasons to withdraw from the message board for any future use of my own. I will still remain on the board at least through this year, which I think ends in April and I will remain as Host Chat. I feel as Hosting, I can at least help someone from time to time with needed support and not get the irrational, childhood behavior that occurs on DASNI, lately. A good friend of mine told me yesterday, that her group would be coming to an end soon as well. At first, I felt almost empty because these people have been there for me when I needed them, but as I told here, "Life does go on. There is life after Alzheimer's." I often think how neat it must be to make a decision to step away from the disease and make the choice of whther or not to look back. When you are given this disease for whatever reason, you don't have that choice. But, I do understand, this disease is depressing, but if you are able to look beyond that, there is much humor and fulfillment in accomplishments that can be attained as well. Well, I guess I have rambled enough for today.
Love to all and God Bless!



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