Thursday, July 07, 2005

Due to much thought and contemplation this is the last post to Young Hope's World. I first want to say that I am saddened for my reasoning of no longer posting here as I have had several unjust and unwanted comments by my biological family as they have no education of this disease nor do they support me in my struggle with the disease. I am thankful for the many people and families out there that have read and learned from this journal in hopes of dealing with their own personal trials with Alzheimer's Disease. For those of you that are just beginning this journey, please know that it does not end here. There is life after Alzheimer's and most importantly know that your loved one needs you now more than ever! For those that have been following my journey, please know that you can continue to do so through Dementia Rescue. All roads have an end and as my journey grows shorter there is a new one beginning.
Love and God Bless!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The last couple of days have been really busy and much of a fog for me as dealing with my husbands back surgery and the harrassment of my sister and Mom is almost unreal. I know they read my journal and have used a false name to gain entry into my Support Group online and bash me. It is so sad they have nothing better to do with their time and are actually suffering from their own embarrassment. Thatis all that I nned to say as I will not allow myself to fall to their level. Allen is recovering well from surgery yesterday and will be home in a day or so. The Chapter sent him a beautiful flower arrangement and we have a goody bag for him as weel today as he should get to eat alittle bit. It is really hard to write as I know no matter what I say there are lurkers here just looking for something to do to cause trouble. I do know that if I had a loved one with AD, I would doing everything in my power to educate myself about the disease as well as be there to support the person rather than tear them apart. As i have much to do and focus my energies on I must go for now.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy

Monday, June 13, 2005

I guess I have some catching up to do as it has been awhile. We have been busy advocating for the Alzheimer Association and have hopefully gained a couple of Community Sponsors. All of the money for the Memory Walk stays and benefits our own community, so that is great. My neurologist appt. got bumped up to Sept. There is'nt much he can do as I am on the maximum dose of both the Namenda and Exelon. I am becoming more tired and forgetful and doing my best to hold onto the good and positives things for as long as I can as well as staying active. Some people think that if you are able to share your story with others, there is definitely NO WAT you could have Alzheimer's Disease. How I wish those people could step into our lives for just a brief moment and realize the pain they cause by turning their backs on even their own families with this disease. The Early Onset Summit in Tulsa was this week, we didn't get to go but Heather gave me a report. That is another story for my family to gawk at as she is only 29 and has Early Onset Alzheimer's, her's proven through PET scan. She said the Summitt went well and she met Rob from our Chapter there. We had a yardsale this weekend with ALL proceeds to benefit the Alzheimer Chapter. I am exhausted from that, it was only 4 hours, but my mind is very tired. The For-get-me-nots from the Chapter are selling like hotcakes! If I am able to do this again next year that is the way to go. Austin is enjoying summer school as the activities they do are alot of fun and boy scout camp should be coming up soon.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today has been a foggy day for me. I have been trying to get stuff ready for a yardsale in which all of the proceeds will benefit our local Alzheimer Chapter. We were asked by our Director to serve on the Memory Walk Committee, so that is where our focus is now. Yesterday we went to our Support group Meeting. There were several new people there offering to be apart of our group as leaders. There will never be another Judee though! We talked about different ideas for the booth for the upcoming fair and signed up to volunteer for that. Seems like there are different people all of the time and most of the time is taken up by introductions. Friday was my first day to volunteer at the hospital. I was teamed up with another person that has Alzheimer's, his name is Norm and then I had lunch with Judee. Allen's sister Kathy is here visiting from Malaysia, I didn't remember her. It was about 5 years ago that she was here to visit. She seems really nice and laughs alot. I was pretty tired today, so I laid down to take a hour nap and it turned into 2 hours. Guess this is all for now.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Today was a good but long day. I started volunteering at the hospital today. It felt really good to be back amonst familiar territory. I have a partner named Norm, he has Alzheimer's too, so we make a pretty good team. We lead each other around and assist the patients with simple stuff like their menus and make coffee and stuff like that. Nothing exciting but it keeps us active as well as gives our spouses alittle space of their own. I only worked 5 hours but it really wore me out, I took a nap when I got home. Also I took the CD's of my new book to Rebecca at the Chapter because I could not open it. She checked it and is proofing it for me as everything was there. I told Dave there were no words to it and he swore up and down there was me the operator. Patty the Director of our Chapter aske Allen and I to be on the Memory Walk Committee so that is our next project to work on. I am also gathering stuff to have a yardsale and ALL proceeds will benefit the Chapter. It feels so good to be apart of all of the stuff and know that I am helping others. I had lunch with Judee at the hospital. She use to be the Outreach Coordinator in our Chapter and still is in my mind. I enjoy the time that we have to talk. Today we have a support group meeting and I guess we will go as it benefits Allen. We are suppose to have a new group leader so I'll givem another chance. Kinda cloudy out looks like rain. Guess that's all for now.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. Stayed home and visited with extended family. My SIL and family was here from Illinois. Got to visit with them and play with our great niece and nephew. I think they are 1 year and 3 years old, they are really cute. They thought the world of Austin. Being so far away they don't get to visit often. Dementia Rescue has grown to 190 members now. It is a very warm, educational and comforting group as I was hoping that it would be. I am haveing alot more difficulty with short term memory, it is progressing rapidly and the fatigue continues to grow as well. I look forward to hearing from those that I met in Washington at the Public Policy and to those that read my journal as I know I am able to reach out beyond the stars and help many more families with this disease than I had ever imagined! Allen and I have been working hard at finding Corporate Sponsors and Donors for the 2005 Memory Walk. I am surprised at how many people out there are so uneducated about this disease. I had no idea how all of this stuff would take a toll on my mind as well. I struggle so hard to think and the fog and fatigue take over and I want to give up as I wonder if it is all really worth it. But, i keep going as I know that if it was a loved one with this, I would do the same thing for them. Austin is having a good time in summer school. They get to go bowling and swimming, he really enjoys that. I still hear from several of my friends at the hospital. It is nice to know they have not forgotten you and they do find time in their busy schedules to say, "Hey!" Until next time....................
Take care & God Bless! Tracy

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The last couple of days have been somewhat busy and foggy not quite sure what all has gone on. Today we went to town and ran some errands. I got some flowers and we took the to my brother's grave for Memorial Day. It looked so empty when we got there, but after I placed my flowers it looked more serene. I explained to Austin how he would have loved his Uncle Roland as he never got the chance to meet him (he died in 1976). Then we stopped at Wally World and got Austin some summer clothes. Thanks to Mary from Tennessee, who called me yesterday. Her Mother has EOAD and is in ALF and doing well. Got an e-mail from Ken & Marge. They live in St. joe, Missouri. We meet them at the Public policy Forum. Marge is 63 and has Early Onset Alzheimer's. She is recovering after a 5 day stay in the hospital from a collapsed bowel. Allen and Austin went up to visit company from out of town. It is getting so more difficult for me to follow conversations, just not able to focus on the point. I've noticed I am becoming less talkative as I don't have much to stay. So many times my mind is a complete blank. I've always joked there was never much there, now there really isn't. I've been collecting donations for Memory Walk, I plan on seeking a couple of sponsors and building from that. Also, 10% proceeds from Young Hope and I Remember When will be donated as well. I guess that is all for now, time to watch Cold Case.
Take care & God Bless! Tracy